Tymon Laws

Law of Blood

A fighter is considered “bloodied” when he has won 10 battles in the arena. Only “bloodied” fighters can own land, carry open weapons, or own businesses in Tymon. Also, the word of a “bloodied” fighter carries more weight in the court of law, and woe to the outsider who causes harm to one of Tymon’s “bloodied” warriors.

Law of Defence

It is mandatory for all “bloodied” warriors in Tymon to rally to the defense of the kingdom whenever it is attacked from the outside.

Law of Grievance

Any person who has a grievance that cannot be settled to his satisfaction through traditional means can challenge his offender, whether he is “bloodied” or not, to a duel in the arena to decide the dispute. These duels tend not to be to the death, but occasional blood feuds are put to rest in a final and irrevocable manner on the arena floor. Most issues are dealt with outside the arena through the local magistrate or over a few pints of the local ale, but the Law of Grievance allows large problems to be settled in a controlled manner, and crimes of vengeance such as murder are rare in Tymon because of it

Law of Succession

Any fighter who has won 100 battles in the arena can challenge the Champion to a one-on-one duel to the death, with the winner becoming the new Champion.

Tymon Laws

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