A small town ruled located in the Echo Woods, ruled over and its surrounding lands by Baron Tervin Blackshield. Its main industry is hunting and lumber from the Echo Woods and as a waypoint for travlers, traders, and crusaders heading for the world wound, though it is also located near several Azlanti ruins, including one that is located beneath the town, The Accursed Halls.

Law and Order

Open acts of violence are stopped by the guards, but outside of that they are rather passive, so travelers should either have guards, be capable of self-defense, or purchase protection while there.

Bandits are problematic for the area so caution is advised.

Businesses and Locations inside Thornkeep

  1. Town Green
  2. Green Forest Inn
  3. Thornkeep Bindery
  4. Tardin’s Trading Post
  5. Hap Thistledown — weaver
  6. Blue Basilisk Hall
  7. Torra Stoneframer
  8. Greenfoot Provisions
  9. Echo Wood Arms
  10. Igmar Dusthelm — Armorer
  11. Haric’s Saddlery
  12. Serianna Livery Stable
  13. Graveyard
  14. Fraston Orchard
  15. Shrine of Battle
  16. The Thirsty Ogre
  17. The Briarwarren
  18. Goblin Bazaar
  19. Filero Dundaban
  20. Arno’s Sawmill
  21. House of the River Lord
  22. Callanro House
  23. Firla Parr’s Farm
  24. Thornkeep Mercantile
  25. Kevith Glaziers
  26. Brodwyr’s Smelter
  27. Elizeer’s Farm
  28. Hunter’s Lodge
  29. Harley’s Mill
  30. Loskar’s House
  31. Harley’s Pond
  32. Wolfmane Encampment
  33. Brishtargera Greenbottle
  34. Goldenfire Tower
  35. Gatehouse
  36. Keep Barracks
  37. The Baron’s Tower
  38. The Accursed Halls


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