Echo Woods

Escaping Deadwater Crossing

Thanks to the early warning, the company heading towards Mosswater is able to prepare themselves to fight their way out of Scrawny Crossing. Grouped together, Donahue orders that each group is to escape and head towards Thornkeep to regroup and warns them about the bandits they may come across along the way.

Fighting through two of the “fish-trolls”, as they are known, though they were put down quickly their regeneration spurred the players to make haste in escaping before they were overwhelmed. After escaping Scrawny Crossing, they made their way North-East towards the Echo Woods, coming across a well traveled road they headed North-West along it, to where they believed that they could find shelter after a long day of traveling. Fort Inevitable turned out to be controlled by a group of Hellknights.
Providing protection, food, and a place to sleep, so long as weapons were turned over for the duration of their stay, most of the party took advantage of the opportunity. Subtly questioned, for Hellknights, the party was woken early and escorted a short distance away before having their weapons returned.

Following the road towards Thornkeep, they passed an old barn turned into an inn early in the day and continue onwards to Thornkeep. Unfortunately, they ran into a rather territorial set of Giant Stag Beetles and nearly lost Rasputin from being trampled by one. Panicing a little, Tetsuo focuses on saving Rasputin’s life, leaving him drained afterward and deciding to try Giant Stab beetle for lunch. Tetsuo shows his skill culinary skill as the beetles are turned into an odd if tasty lunch and does his best to collect their hard shells for future use, after all those things are really freaking hard.
Giant stag beetles


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